SEO never happens overnight and content marketing allows your search engine optimization to flourish and your traffic to grow consistently over time. It’s a long-term marketing strategy that has been proven to be highly effective in its ability to produce leads. Increase sales with targeted content marketing:

#1 – Auto Syndicate your Blog Content to Social Media Networks

You can automate this with plugins and it takes the hassle out of sharing things online. Setup your blog with Facebook and Twitter status updates and your followers will automatically be notified when a new blog post is released. This is an important step to any content marketing campaign. Social presence builds your brand and gives your content an extra avenue for growth. Followers and fans can grow your brand and social media networks give them a platform to do that.

#2 – Build Manual Links to your Blog Content

Manually building links to the blog posts on your website is a great way to syndicate the content and get free exposure on the web. Don’t believe the hype that link building is dead, it’s just harder than it ever was. By using quality sites and manual submission methods, you never have to worry about penalties or Google updates. These methods are safe and always will be. It’s not against Google’s terms to advertise your content and try to gain exposure.

Manual link building sources:

  • Web 2.0 properties/Social sites
  • Independently owned blogs
  • PDF/Document Directories
  • Article Directories
  • Press Release Websites
  • Social bookmarks

#3 – Use Authority Sites for Guest Posting

Guest posting is the process of writing and getting an article of yours featured on another blog in your industry. Never take shortcuts when it comes to guest posting and always use an authority website. A high authority site is more likely to have a regular following and traffic, which is important to any content marketing campaign. SEO traffic can take many months to start and many more to grow. By using these authority sites, you can kick-start your content marketing efforts and not rely on Google, Facebook or any other website for your traffic. If they already have targeted traffic in your niche then they are an ideal candidate for outreach and guest posting.

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