Inbound Marketing for the Industrial Engineering Market: A Short Primer

1440711094721-Inbound Marketing for the Industrial engineering MarketInbound marketing is a system of marketing made necessary by the information and social marketing age. Inbound marketing seeks to create a sales funnel that draws leads into your business; inbound establishes your business as one of the best in the industry and gives decision makers the tools to approve of your product and service before they ever make contact with a sales person.

The Changing Face of Marketing

Inbound principles have been around for years. Physicians and lawyers have had to use inbound marketing because people always do a significant amount of research before choosing one. This is why many physicians and attorneys want to get their name in the paper: it establishes them as an authority in their field.

With the improvements in information technology, businesses in every industry are discovering that their customers and leads expect to do more research and make more decisions using 3rd party reviews, social networking and studying the content your business produces to determine whether you truly understand your field. Because of the current buyers market available via internet networking, industrial engineering is not immune to the need to create and market powerful content which shows decision makers that you can be trusted with their business.

Inbound Strategies

For industrial engineers, the goal of inbound marketing is to create content in the places your target companies look for valuable information. From periodicals to your website, from convention materials to acting as an industry expert, inbound marketing starts with creating high quality content that draws leads toward your business and establishes your business values in mind.

After establishing general authority as an expert engineering firm, your next goal is to educate leads through subscriptions to emails, to your website, to video tutorials or other means of providing education in exchange for the opportunity to use your business. Providing education to your customers is one of the cheapest and most efficient ways to draw leads into your business.

In Conclusion

Inbound marketing establishes your business as industry leaders through credible authoritative publishing, uses educational materials to keep contact with leads, and uses the sales person as customer service rep to close the sale by answering final objections and customizing the order to your customer’s specifications. This is inbound marketing.

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