Reach customers who have already visited your website as they browse their favorite apps and sites.

We “cookie” visitors to your site with a tracking tag

Right after you sign up for Perfect Audience, we give you our site tracking tag to add to your website. This tracking tag is a Javascript code snippet that you add just before the closing tag on every page of your website.  Once added, the tracking tag places an anonymous cookie in the browser of every person who visits your site.

Our platform “finds” your visitors across the web and serves your ads to them in real time

Now that your visitors have been tagged with a unique “cookie,” our platform searches for them across Facebook and web sites in our network and serves your ads to them.

We do this by having partnerships with all the major ad networks on the web (100k+), like Facebook, Google and many more. When someone with your site’s cookie loads a web page anywhere on the internet that has an ad from a network working with Perfect Audience, our platform “sees” them and can then serve up your ad in that space instead of whatever other ad would have normally appeared.

This happens live, in an auction process (the ad industry calls this “real-time bidding”) where our platform bids against thousands of other platforms for that individual impression.

We bid aggressively to  show your ads at the right time

If our platform “sees” one of your visitors loading a web page with ad space from a partner ad network, it enters the auction and bids aggressively to win that impression so your user sees your ad.

The instructions we program into our platform — the “where, when, and how often” they join auctions — is a big part of the Perfect Audience special sauce. For instance: Should we bid on an ad impression below the fold? Should it bid to reach someone who already clicked one of your ads? How about on someone who already saw your ad today? These are just some of the many things we figure out for you so you get the best results possible.

Your visitors click, return, and convert. You get more sales

Once Perfect Audience has seen one of your visitors and shown them your ad, the user may click on it and return to your site. Traditional online banner ads have a click through rate (CTR) of about 0.1%. This means that one out of every thousand times that ad is shown, one person clicks it.

With retargeting campaigns, the ads get clicked on 200-400% more often because we’re reaching people who have already shown a prior interest in your offering or product.  The remarkable performance of retargeting campaigns is why everyone doing business on the web should be using it.

No matter how memorable or interesting your business is, most people who visit your site are going to leave without signing up, buying, or contacting you. Retargeting keeps your brand in front of them after they leave, giving you a second, a third, or even a fourth chance to bring them back to convert.

Perfect Audience

NEW! Now we can  also serve your ads to visitors who have visited other “synergistic” supplier’s websites in your same space. You help us determine who the best manufacturers are to partner with and we’ll reach out to them. They want to share your visitors for new customers as well.

Why does this make so much sense? Visitors to your own web site have high intent to try your service, that’s why retargeting works so well. Meanwhile, visitors to other web sites in your space also have high intent to try their services. So what if you could team up with some of those marketers to retarget each other’s visitors?

Your ads would reach new users with high intent.

Team up with marketers you know to retarget each other’s visitors and acquire new customers at industry low rates.

Why it’s awesome!

  • Reach new customers, not the same ones over and over again
  • Reach new, highly-interested prospects with your message for 80% less than Adwords
  • Everything is tracked!
Already Advertising with Google and Facebook?
That’s great, but did you know they only reach half your audience? Instantly double the number of customers you can reach.

2-3x Better Than Standard Display Ads
It makes sense. Why would you keep advertising to new customers when you could reach people who are already familiar with you? Retargeting is effective bottom of the funnel channel optimization.

One Platform to Rule them All
Reach Google, Facebook, Instagram PLUS tens of thousands of publishers from one single platform. No more windows filling up your screen. Attribution consolidated from every channel into a single dashboard.

Visitors to your site are your most valued data
Think about it. Your visitors are already interested in you. They’ve come to your site and had a good experience. Now, get a second or third chance to get in front of them with your ads. Always be in front of your potential customer.

Easy, Intelligent and Automated
Remember, We’ll load your ads, create your campaigns, and our system starts to learn, fast. And we’ll build your target audience.

We all want ROI
How about 8-10x ROI? Simply put, retargeting is the most effective advertising channel you can use.