When you get traditional and digital marketing working together, you achieve a synergy of outbound and inbound marketing that provides the most effective marketing at the most affordable cost. It’s a worthwhile goal that seems to elude many companies in the industrial engineering market.

Traditional marketing strategies include the creation of print sales materials, like brochures, mailers, and fliers, and media buys that raise awareness and interest among clients and customers in your established markets. This awareness and interest is then leveraged by outbound sales efforts in order to increase the likelihood of salespeople making the desired number of sales.

Digital marketing strategies tend to be more inbound oriented. Digital sales materials, like websites, social media accounts, and online advertisements, pull customers and clients towards your business. Sales funnels are built to leverage this pull in order to get customers and clients to contact you to make the sale.

The people who are skilled in outbound sales often lack the skills to be effective at inbound sales. The sales strategies are quite different. Outbound sales requires a more traditional approach and is synonymous with the traditional idea of a “sales man.” Inbound sales requires more of a “customer service” or “customer support” approach, where the salespeople are helping customers and clients to access the solutions (i.e. the products or services you offer) to their problems. People who are excellent at one often struggle when trying to do the other.

Many companies in the industrial engineering market have struggled to adapt their business practices to utilize both forms of sales effectively. Part of the problem is that utilizing both strategies requires both marketers and salespeople who can do both — or it requires a set of marketers and a set of salespeople for each strategy. This could require a significant upfront investment in personnel and training to engage in an “untested” dual strategy approach.

MediaWorks is a niche company focused on assisting companies in the industrial engineering market with their marketing and sales. We leverage both traditional outbound marketing and inbound marketing strategies in order to improve the results our clients experience. Our mission is to provide the most effective marketing at the most affordable cost. With our assistance, you can prove the effectiveness and the affordability of this dual strategy approach.

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